Semi-Permanent Hair Color : All You Need To Know About It

Today I'm going to answer 6 of the most common questions that lots of women ask about the semi-permanent hair color. You want to know which brand is the best? You want to find out if you can apply it two times per day? Or maybe you want to know the difference between the demi and the semi permanent types? Well, stick to this article and find out!

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes Which are Fun, Cool and Funky - With Pictures!

If you ever wondered what you can do with your brown hair, you really did come to the right place! In this outline, we will focus on some of the funnest, coolest and funkiest hair color ideas for brunettes. I'm going to explain each color idea with great detail, and then I will back it up with some brunette celebrity pictures. So be sure to stick around!

Hair Color Wheel : Utilizing the Color Wheel For Hair

You've stumbled upon this website because you want to know more about the hair color wheel, haven't you? Well, you wouldn't believe how important it is to realize that a color wheel for hair can help you immensely when dying your hair.

Brown Hair Color Ideas

This post is all about brown hair color ideas, so be sure to check out some of the best ideas for your brown hair color. I've compiled the best list of brown colors from all around the internet.

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone and How To Choose Them

In this post I will teach you all the techniques and tips for choosing and applying the hair colors for your own skin tone.

Wella Hair Color Chart

On this page you'll be able to see the entire Wella hair color chart. Simply scroll down below and find the image.

The Importance of Hair Color Wheel

In this article I will list a few arguments for the importance of understanding the color wheel for hair.

Paul Mitchell Hair Color Wheel

I've been able to find the Paul Mitchell hair color wheel online, so I'm posting it here below. Keep in mind that the hair color chart by Paul Mitchell isn't complete without some info about him, so I posted some stuff about him as well :).

Hair Color Ideas

On this page, I'm going to give you some ideas to change your hair color so you can look more attractive and feel refreshed. Stick to the hair color ideas below, and you're on your way to become a new person :) . After you study the hair color wheel here, the color combos below are going to be a breeze for you!

Hair Color Chart : Hair Color Charts From Major Brands

On this page you will be able to find a hair color chart from particular brands. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of hair color charts out there, so my idea was to put them all into one place. I hope you will find this list useful, as it adds to the idea of understanding the color wheel for hair as well.

Aveda Hair Color Chart

If you were searching for the Aveda Hair Color Chart, you came to the right place. It's been very hard for me to find the Aveda chart on the internet, but I managed to find one. This post also contains some additional info about Aveda products and consumer opinions.