Hair Color Chart : Hair Color Charts From Major Brands

On this page you will be able to find a hair color chart from particular brands. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of hair color charts out there, so my idea was to put them all into one place. I hope you will find this list useful, as it adds to the idea of understanding the color wheel for hair as well.
Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color chart : This chart is anti-flat in nature. It also excels when it comes to depth and dimension. I've heard that this chart is very high quality when it comes to highlights & tones. Also, they use a Color Blend technology.

Garnier Bell Color Chart : 27 shades that will help you in lightening or darkening your hair. The good thing about this chart is the fact that these shades are very natural looking.

John Frieda Shades : if you're out of money, or if you're just trying to experiment with hair coloring from home, make sure you try the John Frieda shades. This is the first ever coloring chart which uses foam technology that brings the same results as salons.

Loreal Excellence Crème : this is Loreal's first creme with pro-keratin formula. Replenishes your hair (it really does) and rejuvenates the color. By using this formula your hair will not look grayish and it will feel softy and silky. I definitely recommend this.

Revlon Hair Color Chart : there are two things that I like about this chart: the first thing is that it produces long & lasting finish. The other thing is that it also gives you radiant looks, which other charts rarely ever do!

Schwarzkopf live XXL hair color chart : Everyone knows about Schwarzkopf! They are the leading professionals in business when it comes to hair colors. That's why I couldn't omit them. There are actually several high quality color charts from them, but XXL live is definitely the best.