Hair Color Ideas

On this page, I'm going to give you some ideas to change your hair color so you can look more attractive and feel refreshed. Stick to the hair color ideas below, and you're on your way to become a new person :) . After you study the hair color wheel here, the color combos below are going to be a breeze for you!
1. The first hair color combination that I think is pretty cool, is this one: try to color your hair tops blond, while the rest of the hair stays black or brown. See the example here.

2. The next style that I'm about to show you is the style that has been popular for the last 10 years. It only works if you have light hair though. Color your hair tops black or brown and leave the rest of your hair light. This will create a great contrast. See the example here.

3. A more interesting and modern style is to add small chunks of blond throughout your dark hair. This style works the best if you have a dark brown hair. See the example here.

4. Try 2-toning your hair. Let's say like this: the top of the hair remains completely blond, while you add dark brown from middle to bottom. See the example here.

5. In case you have a short hair, platinum blond and ice blond works the best. It will not overshadow your head, and you will definitely look cool. See the example here.

6. Another cool idea for a short hair is this one: try adding brownish-red tones throughout your dark hair. The upkeep is very easy and it looks quite elegant. See the example.

7. Nothing beats a natural color when it comes to short hair styles. You can add to it by adding close shades to the original. If you have a blond hair, let's say that you can add auburn and honey highlights. See the example.

8. Copper and honey thin highlights throughout your dark long hair - a great addition, and modern looks. You will look more youthful too. See the example.

9. Dye your hair in brown color, and add red and purple hair tints all over it. Click to see how it looks.

10. Sometimes, unnatural is the best option! See Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for example. They modernized hair coloring by implementing unnatural hair colors. Try green, pink or purple. It might work. Example.

11. If you're not that brave to try the completely unnatural style, why wouldn't you try adding various colors to your hair tops? This will look good, and you definitely won't go over the top. Just see the example to understand what I mean.

I hope you like my hair color ideas here. Don't forget, you should always remember how a wheel for hair color works before you try some styles above by yourself.