Aveda Hair Color Chart

If you were searching for the Aveda Hair Color Chart, you came to the right place. It's been very hard for me to find the Aveda chart on the internet, but I managed to find one. This post also contains some additional info about Aveda products and consumer opinions.

How does the Aveda Hair Color Chart look like?

To tell you honestly, I was only able to find one matching color chart on the internet. The weird part is that the official page doesn't contain any images either. Here it is (Be sure to click on the image to see the full sized color chart):

Aveda Hair Color Chart - click on the image to see it full sized.

What's so special about Aveda anyway?

In case you didn't know Aveda is one of the few companies that actually produces organic colors. They are also known for organic skin care products.

What do other people think about the Aveda Hair Color Chart?

Well, the reviews aren't exactly positive. Some women complain that after the treatment their hair actually became darker than it should be. Others complain that their hair is falling out. I also stumbled upon a few comments saying that their hair is very dry after the treatment in a salon. I have to say that judging by online reviews, this company isn't as good as it should be.