The Importance of Hair Color Wheel

In this article I will list a few arguments for the importance of understanding the color wheel for hair.
1. First of all, if you don't understand the color wheel, you will never get the relationships between colors and you won't be able to color your hair without a hair dresser. All the hair salons know that understanding the relations between primary, secondary and tertiary colors is essential. Hair colorists mix these colors with great accuracy simply because they understand them.

2. Understanding the hair color wheel is essential also because it is arranged so that the colors which are contrasted stay opposite from each other. This means that when you understand the wheel concept, you'll be able to neutralize the unwanted tones simply by applying the opposite color. If you wanna neutralize the yellow color, you'll simply use the color wheel and discover that the opposite of yellow is violet. Then you apply the violet pigment and neutralize the yellow.

3. The third major application of a hair color wheel lies in this. By using it, you can correct the color of a hair which has put on ashy tones. In case you didn't know, ashy colors are simply "cool" colors - such as blue, violet or even green.

4. Keep in mind that there's a huge misconception about the wheel itself. People think that opposite colors will negate the unwanted color, but in reality, this is what will happen: Taking this into account, that the opposing colors are mixed equally, you will actually create a neutral brown color.

5. Basically, you can color your own hair without a color wheel, but keep in mind that you have to have a deep knowledge of colors and the color theory, otherwise you'll get disastrous results.