Semi-Permanent Hair Color : All You Need To Know About It

Today I'm going to answer 6 of the most common questions that lots of women ask about the semi-permanent hair color. You want to know which brand is the best? You want to find out if you can apply it two times per day? Or maybe you want to know the difference between the demi and the semi permanent types? Well, stick to this article and find out!

1. Applying the semi-permanent hair color : a detailed tutorial.

1.1. There's a great debate around washing your hair or not before applying the actual color. Some experts say that you should not wash it because there are some natural substances (mainly oils) on the surface of your scalp that actually protect you from the chemicals of the color. They say that these oils act as a buffer zone. Also, their advice is that you should always time your washing if you have an appointment in the salon, simply because, in case that you use a conditioner, the hair stylist can make a mistake when looking at the color wheel. This would be terrible for you because you wouldn't get the color that you desire so much.

To wash or not to wash your hair before applying the semi-permanent hair color?

On the other hand, there are some who propose that you should wash your hair, and then let it dry completely. After that, you take your comb (keep in mind that the hair has to be completely dry) and brush the hair until it becomes very soft. You shouldn't be having any knots, and your hair should be completely straightened out. Their argument is that by doing this you are making the stylists' job much easier because the dye application process becomes much easier. It will make your job easier too (that is, if you are applying the color on your own).

In reality though, I think that both of these strategies have their own strengths and weaknesses. What I would advise you to do is to wash your hair. However, do it a few days before, not the same day when you are about to dye your hair. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

1.2. The next step is a practical one. I'm talking about some simple preparation steps that will prevent you from making a mess. First of all, consider taking medicine gloves, because it is actually quite hard to clean your hands from the artificial dye. Next, take a towel and be prepared to clean all the spills around the place where you are dying your hair. Finally, you should also consider taking old clothes that you don't mind destroying. I always advise women to have a special shirt and pants just for dying. Afterwards, you can wash them and put them away for the next time.

1.3. Now that the preparations are over, we can actually start dying our hair. Make sure to brush the hair for the last time, since there's a good chance that it got messed up in the process. Now, proceed with applying the hair dye on your hair. I found a great video on YouTube that explains how to apply the dye, so you can check it out below.

Generally, you should always apply thick layers of color. I mean, don't simply save on it, because otherwise it will not stick and the shade is not going to be the one that you wanted. After that, leave the dye on your hair for a period of time that is set on the box. Keep in mind that the general rule is this one: the more you keep it on your hair, the darker the tone will be. Finally, after the set period of time, you can simply remove the rest of the hair dye by washing your hair in the shower or above the sink. After this, use a shampoo to wash your hair once again. Finally, rub your hair and dry it.

2. What is the best quality semi-permanent hair color?

Well, 3 brands come to my mind first: Herbashine (by Garnier) and FĂ©ria by Loreal. However, you should keep in mind that not every manufacturer offers the whole palette of colors, and you might not find the one that you really want with every brand out there. The matter of knowing your underlying pigment is also important here, because this is how you get the wanted result in the first place. Basically, knowing the hair color wheel is even more important with semi permanent colors.

What is the best quality semi-permanent hair color manufacturer?

3. Can you mix permanent and semi-permanent hair color?

Generally, I wouldn't advise that simply because you will not get the result that you wanted. The main reason for this is that because of the layer of the permanent dye, your semi-permanent dye will simply not stick to your hair as well as it should. Your hair won't fall out by any means (I don't know who spreads such stupid information), but you're likely to damage it to an extent that you'll simply just alter the shade.

4. Can you use semi-permanent hair color twice in one day?

Yes you can, because nothing bad is going to happen. However, you should realize that your original tone is going to become a bit darker. I'm just saying this to prepare you.

5. What is the fastest way to remove semi permanent hair color?

The fastest way is to wash your hair with a shampoo many times on the same day that you applied the semi-permanent dye. Also, you can rub hot oil and lemon juice into the mix, to loosen the hair up. Also, if you want to remove the dye from the top of your scalp and ears, you can use the tooth paste. Finally, you can use the semi-permanent color removers from the shop. Keep in mind that they have to be made for semi-permanent dyes only.

6. How long does semi-permanent hair color last?

Well, this depends on your original hair color. If you have a light color underneath the semi-permanent one, you can expect it to be gone in 6-8 washes. However, if your hair is darker, you can expect it to fade away in 10-12 washes. These colors are meant to fade away, and this is because they last much less than demi-permanent dyes.